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We have been changing the world of healthcare for better, for more than a century, and we look forward to many more!

We take proud in the glorious history of Perm State Medical University and do all that we can to further its mission and being an institution that medical aspirants worldwide can look up to and know that it’s the place for them where they can pursue their dream of becoming a world-class doctors and contribute to the care of humankind. Since the inception of Perm State Medical University in 1916, more than 50,000 medical students have graduated from our University, including thousands of students from India. In 2007, PSMU staff was honored with “The Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation,” and thanks to our dedication to quality and our devotion to our students, PSMU is ranked amongst the top medical universities in Russia. Being a globally recognized institution, PSMU attracts medical aspirants from countries worldwide looking for admission to the 6-Year MBBS Program.

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Why 50,000+ Students Trust Us?

It’s a combination of our passion for medicine, healthcare, our aspirations for continuous improvement, and the joy we take in seeing our students and graduates successfully contributing to our mission to make a healthier world.

Global Recognition

Medical degree from PSMU holds validity in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and worldwide.

Real Experience

Extensive practical training imparted during clinical rotations prepare students for the real-world life of a doctor.

Medium of Choice

Since 2016, we offer the entire MBBS course in English medium, facilitating education in their preferred language.

FMGE Support

PSMU is approved by the Medical Council of India and offers support to Indian students for FMGE preparation

USMLE Support

PSMU is certified by ECFMG and listed in WDOMS, making students eligible for United States Medical Licensing Examination.

Holistic Development

Thanks to our facilities for sports, recreation, enjoyment, and a friendly community, our students lead a purposeful and exciting .

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Selecting a medical university is not a small choice. We know that. Here we have answered most asked questions. For answers to more queries, you are always welcome to contact our friendly team

Since 2016, for international students, we are offering an MBBS course in English medium. However, during clinical training, you need to interact with local patients who speak Russian. Therefore, you need to learn Russian for communication purposes.

PSMU is approved by the Medical Council of India. After your medical graduation from Russia, you can appear in and pass the FMGE (MCI Screening Test). Once you pass FMGE, you can get a license to practice medicine in India.

To practice medicine in the United States, you need to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). USMLE comprises of three steps. You can pass the first two steps during your MBBS course. For the third step, you need to go for a three-year residency in the United States after the completion of your medical graduation in Russia.

To get admission, you can apply online or contact the PSMU team to guide you about the admission process.

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