Privacy Policy

Perm State Medical University is committed to maintaining the privacy of all the visitors to our website and respect their privacy rights. This objective of this policy is to ensure that all the data shared by the visitor at the website is safe from misinterpretation and cyber crime.

Privacy Of Data

As per the 2009 amendment to the Information Technology Act, India introduced basic privacy and data protection provisions. The privacy law is applicable to all the businesses and websites collecting and dealing with sensitive personal data or information.

Data Collection at the Website:

While navigating through the website, the visitors would interact at several points which would require them to share their following personal information.

  1. Live chat service for support from University counselors or submit a contact request;
  2. Support from University counselors through WhatsApp chat;
  3. Apply online with the “online application” form available on the home page, apply online page, or other locations on the website.
  4. Contact our team by filling out the “contact us” form on the contact us page or other locations on the website.
  5. Submit a job application by filling an “online job application” form available on the careers page.

Depending on the form, the visitor might need to furnish your name, email address, and phone number, and documents, as required, to help our team process your application. The team would get back to you and answer your questions or help you with admission or job application.

Use Of Data

Perm State Medical University can use the shared details to ease the admission of the student. The shared data will be saved in the university’s database, and the university is free to use it for promotional purposes.

All such details and documents are stored in a secure IT environment and are never shared with anyone outside the organization. Further, all University staff and counselors are given official devices that are under constant surveillance to ensure your data does not end up on a personal device or in the wrong hands.

Other than the above information, we do not collect any information/ data by any means on our website. Your privacy is assured on Lincoln American University's website. Therefore, you can browse the website without any risk and get all the information, details, and support you need, with peace of mind.

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