A Triumph of Skill and Determination: PSMU in the Russian Premier League Finals


The Russian Premier League was one of a kind sporting event and the first-ever cricket tournament held in Russia. Students from various Top Russian Medical Universities participated as teams, representing their universities. Perm state medical university was one of the universities that played and reached the finals.

It was a very competitive event, where teams composed of students from the universities played to the best of their abilities. The teams also enjoyed the game of cricket thoroughly. This was evident from the number of crowd that was gathered to watch the game. Students from all the different universities gathered in large numbers in the form of spectators and they cheered for their favorite team. Perm State Medical University students were also gathered in quite large numbers to show support for their university team.

Of all the teams that participated in the two-day event, the Russian Premier League was held on 23rd and 24th May 2023, and only two teams made it to the finals, Perm state Medical university and Mari State university. It was a game that went from friendly to competitive in a matter of minutes, and in the end, only one of the two teams remained undefeated. Perm state Medical university team played to the best of their talent, they managed to secure the 1st runner-up position at the League, making the team one of the first-ever teams to reach the finals of the Russian Premier League.

Russian Premier League was an air of change for the students of Perm state medical university. From their usual studies or academic activities, as doctoral students, students got to showcase their talent at the game of cricket. It was also an event for these students to enjoy and relax from their unusually hectic routines back at the university. To describe the two-day event, it was relaxing and laid back for the students. It was also an opportunity for the students to bring out their other side - their competitive side and teamwork spirit- out in the open showcased at the game of cricket.

Overall, the League successfully provided a platform for Indian students who are currently studying MBBS in Russia to meet each other, foster friendships, and create memorable experiences that will resonate with each other for the years to come.

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