H.E. Mr. Subrata Das Visits Perm State Medical University


Making an exemplary step towards strengthening as well as to motivate the thousands of Indian students pursuing their MBBS in Russia at Perm State Medical University, the Minister of Education of the Embassy of the Republic of India in the Russian Federation, Mr. Subrata Das would be visiting the university on 15th January 2021 to attend the 'Fresher's Party' for the first year International students at the university.

During his visit, he is expected to attend the Simulation Center of the University where the students are trained using high-tech equipment which allows them to practice the skills of medical manipulations during the simulation of real processes such as: childbirth, cardiopulmonary resuscitation etc.

In addition, the Minister will visit the Rector's office of the University to address the development of education export, further cooperation with Indian partners, and opportunities to collaborate with Indian universities in research.

Signing Of Agreements Of Cooperation

An official agreement to cooperate with Rus Education will be signed during the event. In line with the Agreement, foreign students will be able to participate in internships with foreign (Indian) medical organizations. As part of the development of the Agreement, the Partnership Agreement with the medical holding "Max Healthcare Institute Ltd." will be further signed.

The signing of these agreements paves the way for providing practical training to Indian students directly in the professional environment that is in line with the norms and standards of the healthcare industry in the Republic of India, in conditions of work that Indian graduates will face after completing their studies at the University.

Among the guests will be Mr. Subrata Das, Minister of Education, as well as Mr. Sergey Alekseevich Veremeenko, Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and Prof. S.K. Washim, Chairman of the partner company Rus Education, with whom an agreement of cooperation will be signed.

A formal part of the event will involve the guests greeting the first-year students who are still a long way from becoming doctors. The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, S.A. Veremeenko, will honour employees of the University who have contributed significantly to international education and training programs for foreign students.

To familiarize the students and guests with the culture of India and Russia, several amateur performances will be presented by University teams. The event aims to expose international students to the creative atmosphere of university life, to announce the possibilities of studying at the university, as well as the new forms of cooperation that the university presents with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of India, in collaboration with Indian companies and partners. The event will be broadcast on all official YouTube, Facebook, and other channels.

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