All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am a professional” Last Date of Applications Issued


Implemented since 2017, the All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am a professional” is the largest competition organized in Russia aiming to identify and support talented young people and create one-of-a-kind opportunities for their development and self-realization. The ultimate goal of this student Olympiad is to help new professionals or medical graduates to justify their knowledge and continue with their studies at top universities in Russia or begin a new career in a well-established company.

This year, the Olympiad will commence from November 2022 and end in June 2023. The registration process has already begun from 29th September 2022 and will end on 15th November 2022, both inclusive.

Some of the major highlights of All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am a professional” are:

  • Comes under the framework of the federal project “Social lifts for everyone” of the national project “Education” along with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 
  • The Olympiad project is supported by the MInistry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Administration of President of the Russian Federation.
  • It is one of the flagship projects of the presidential platform ANO “Russia- a country of opportunities”.
  • In a span of five years, over two million applications have been received for the Olympiad and more than 8,40,000 students have participated in the project.
  • The project has been able to unify the university community, students, companies, and faculty to support the talented youth.
  • For the 2022-23 academic year, students enrolled in the educational programs of higher education like bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist’s programs can participate in the project.
  • The forthcoming season of the Olympiad project will include new directions such as food industry, carbon regulation, regional development and urban studies, innovation, create industries, social work and youth organization, sports coach and fitness industry, and economic security. 
  • The upcoming season will include these corporate areas - “Metallurgy”, “Trade”, “Nanotechnologies in electronics and radio photonics”, “Technologies of medicine of the future”, “mining”, and “Quantum Technologies”.
  • Over 300 universities and 500 Russian companies will be organizing and holding this Olympiad on a large scale. 

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