Perm State Medical University Joins Russian Education Fair, 2nd Edition


Perm State Medical University once again participated in the 23rd Russian Education Fair, 2nd Edition. The university representatives accompanied the fair through all its 6 destinations- Patna on 10th Sept 2022, Kolkata on 11th Sept 2022, Delhi on 13th Sept 2022, Hyderabad on 15th Sept 2022, Bangalore on 17th Sept 2022 and Mumbai on 18th Sept 2022. 

Once again, many students joined the fair to meet and interact directly with the PSMU universities seeking admissions to top government medical universities in Russia. The fair also witnessed the kind presence of several chief dignatories, Mr Oleg Osipov, Director, Russian House in New Delhi, Ms Elena Remizova, Director, of the Russian House in Mumbai, and leadership of Rus Education- Prof. S.K. Washim, Chairman; Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor, Vice-Chairman and Mr Syed I. Rigan, Managing Director. 

Ms Oseian Daiana Ovanesovna and Prof. Iuliia Tretiakova represented Perm State Medical University at the fair and actively interacted with the students and parents and resolved all their doubts and concerns in regards to the course, curriculum, facilities, admission process, etc.

During the event, hundreds of students joined and got to know more about their opportunities of studying medicine in Russia. The Russian Education Fair 2022, thus ended with much success as several students got on board to pursue their dream of becoming doctors.

We are happy to help all aspiring students by identifying, guiding and assisting them with their medical studies. The university welcomes all the students and parents who joined Perm State Medical University into the fraternity and wishes them good luck in their upcoming journey.

Overall the event proved to be a great success for not only the aspiring students but also for the university.

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