Perm State Medical University Joins MBBS Admission Expo 2022, May Edition


Perm State Medical University has been participating in the MBBS Admission Expo 2022, conducted in several cities of India.

The objective of this Expo is to help the young and aspiring students who wish to study MBBS. The university joined the event with the aim to provide complete and comprehensive information about the MBBS study in Russia with Perm State Medical University.

Perm State Medical University participated in the May Edition of the MBBS Admission Expo that was held in various cities. The first edition of the Expo was conducted in Kota, Rajasthan on May 15th, 2022 at Hotel Ortus. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience for the university to witness so many young students who are ready to conquer all their difficulties to fulfill their dream. After the successful first edition, PSMU took the chance to participate in the MBBS Admission Expo 2022 in Kanpur and Latur as well.

During the Expos, the university officials interacted with the parents and students and answered all queries and doubts they might have had in regards to their MBBS Admission. The participants also attained several benefits at the Expo, such as personal guidance, university selection, Visa and travel facilities, 100% on-spot admission support, amazing discounts, scholarships and much more.

We thank all the parents and students for their warm welcome and hope we helped them in getting the answers. We would continue to do so, even in the next step of the MBBS Admission Expo 2022 in Aurangabad, Tirupati, and Patna on June 12th and 19th 2022 respectively.

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