PSMU, Russia, Strengthens Ties with Indian Institutions


On May 17th, 2023, Perm State Medical University (PSMU), renowned as one of Russia's top government medical universities, solidified its commitment to international collaboration by signing significant cooperation agreements with several institutions. Led by PSMU's esteemed Rector, Prof. Blagonravova Anna Sergeevna, and Pro-Rector, Ms. Bocharova Anna Mikhailovna, the delegation aimed to promote PSMU as a preferred destination for Indian students aspiring to study medicine in Russia.

The delegation's visit commenced with a fruitful meeting held in the Seminar Hall of the Russian House, New Delhi, with Mr. Osipov Oleg, the Director of Russian House, New Delhi, along with Ms. Elena Barman, Head of Education Department from Russian House, New Delhi. The purpose of this meeting was to explore avenues for mutual cooperation and to foster a strong partnership between PSMU and Indian institutions. As a result, PSMU and the Russian House signed a comprehensive agreement of cooperation. This agreement seeks to strengthen Russian education and ensure that Indian students receive unwavering support and a conducive environment to flourish as medical scholars in Russia.

The agreement between PSMU and the Russian House signifies a momentous milestone in strengthening educational ties between the two nations. It opens doors for prospective Indian students to access world-class medical education at PSMU, while also fostering cultural exchange and understanding between Russia and India. This collaboration aims to nurture future generations of highly skilled medical professionals who will contribute to both countries' healthcare sectors.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive coaching and training to Indian students, particularly those preparing for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) in India, the university’s representatives also signed an agreement of collaboration with Arise Academy. This agreement, signed on the same day, solidifies the commitment of PSMU and Arise Academy to empower FMGE aspirants with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the licensing examination.

The collaboration between PSMU and Arise Academy exemplifies the shared goal of enhancing the capabilities of Indian medical graduates and ensuring their smooth transition into medical practice. By offering tailored coaching and training programs, this partnership aims to bridge the gap between medical education in India and Russia, equipping students with the expertise required to meet international standards.

These groundbreaking agreements reflect Perm State Medical University's dedication to providing high-quality education to a diverse array of international students. The university's commitment to fostering global partnerships and promoting cross-cultural understanding through educational collaboration highlights its position as a premier destination for medical education in Russia.

As Perm State Medical University expands its reach and strengthens ties with Indian institutions, prospective Indian students can look forward to an enriching educational experience in Russia, supported by a robust network of collaborative organizations. With a shared commitment to excellence in medical education, these partnerships pave the way for a promising future of cooperation between Russia and India in the field of healthcare and academia.

The notable event was also attended by the esteemed team of Rus Education, including Prof. S.K. Washim, the Chairman, Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, the Vice Chairman, Dr. Dinesh Singla, the Director, and other senior members of Rus Education witnessing the important occasion as these institutions join forces to collaborate in promoting educational excellence to Indian medical aspirants.

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