Celebrating Milestones: Rus Education hosts Vipusk PSMU 2023: Graduation Ceremony


Rus Education proudly hosts the Vipusk PSMU Graduation Ceremony 2023 on 1 December 2023 at the Russian House in New Delhi. The event marked a significant milestone in the academic journey of students who completed their medical education at Perm State Medical University. The event brings together graduates, faculty members, parents, and distinguished guests to celebrate the accomplishment of the graduating class.

The event was graced by the presence of our esteemed guests including Mr. Oleg Osipov, Director of Russian House in New Delhi; Ms. Yulia, Dean of International Students at Perm State Medical University; Dr. Vikas Saxena, Deputy Dean of Perm State Medical University; Dr. Vanita Mittal, General Manager of Academics at Max Healthcare; Ms. Elena Barman, Head of the Education Department at Russian House in New Delhi; Dr. K.H. Ahmed, President, Arise Medical Academy; and widely known FMGE faculties- Dr. Priyansh Jain and Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal.

The event commenced with a cordial welcome address by Mr. Oleg Osipov, the Director of the Russian House in New Delhi. In his address, he conveyed the institution's joy and pride in the accomplishments of the graduating class. Mr. Osipov extended his heartfelt congratulations and offered words of wisdom to the graduates.

Subsequently, Dr. Pawan Kapoor, Technical Advisor at Rus Education, delivered an articulate speech to the students, expressing warm wishes to all the graduates who diligently pursued their aspirations of becoming medical professionals. Dr. Kapoor acknowledged and commended the years of strenuous effort and unwavering dedication exhibited by the young, aspiring doctors.

Furthermore, Ms. Yulia, the Dean of International Students at Perm State Medical University, conveyed her sincere wishes to the graduates for successfully completing their medical education. The event also featured addresses from distinguished individuals, including Ms. Vanita Mittal, the General Manager of Academics at Max Healthcare. Ms. Mittal underscored the myriad opportunities available within the ambit of Max Healthcare, emphasizing the potential for growth and development in the field.

A highlight of the ceremony was the conferring of degrees and diplomas to the graduates, a moment that marked the official transition from students to professionals. The atmosphere was filled with joy, applause, and cheers as each graduate received their well-deserved recognition.

The celebration continued with a gala dinner, allowing attendees to share anecdotes, and build connections for the future. The graduates, now equipped with a solid foundation in medical education, are poised to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector.

The graduation ceremony stands as a testament to the agency's mission of fostering global education and creating pathways for students to achieve their dreams.

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